Dear Joe,

I tried. I gave it everything I had. I lost all my friends. I don’t even know how to deal with being alone. I think we both knew this was coming. Your addicted to everything but me. I could feel you going deeper and deeper into yourself. I came home to sleep. And I woke up to work. I don’t like kissing you. Or telling you I love you. I don’t feel it anymore. And I think that’s what scared me. I finally realize I was just holding on. We were falling apart. You left me in this house alone. With $60 to my name. Rents due next week. You just had to tell me the truth. THE FUCKING TRUTH. And you couldn’t do it. You lied like to me like I’m stupid. I get it. I’m bipolar. I’ve been manic. And I’m pushing you away. But it hurts. This house is so big for one person. I want out. I want to cry. I want to die. I want nothing. I don’t want you. But I want the comfort. I’m done. Playing this game. I’ll prove to you. To everyone. You can’t knock me down.
Love ,
Your EX Fiancé