My life right now.

I work three jobs. Two are salon jobs one is at a gas station.
The gas station job is the most ridiculous job I’ve ever had. The work is easy. And the customers are fine but my coworkers are the rudest people ever. A bitch told me I’m the thickest white girl she’s ever seen. I SAID IM NOT WHITE IM NATIVE AMERICAN. This dude asked me which one of my parents are black. DOES IT FUCKING MATTER? But no again I’m NATIVE AMERICAN. And not to mention a dude saying he wouldn’t want to get a haircut from me ever. Well I didn’t ask you if you did. If I had to guess it’s probably out of your price range and not to mention I’m damn good at my job I’ve been doing it for four years and omg you’ve probably NEVER committed to anything that long.

So we are all clear I work three jobs bc I like my bills paid and I like expensive things. If you gonna spend like a baller you better know how to hustle.