I sit here and watch “Lindsey” with a drink in my hand and then something hits me. I never really quit smoking I just replaced it. I’ve smoke since I was 15. So six long years. With the occasional breaks in between. Two years ago joe and I broke up. I started smoking again. I stopped drinking I stopped smoking weed. I only smoked cigarettes for the six months we were apart then for the first five months or more when we were together. So I quit smoking and started drinking. I’m starting to see the cycle.

But on this note I’m thankful I never got addicted to anything serious. I have been around drugs. I’ve been offered every drug you could imagine. I use to skip school because I only got one hour of sleep and I was still drunk/high.

Alcohol is a depressant and I can’t tell myself that enough. I suffer from mild bipolar I don’t need to bring my self down anymore. I’m done drinking. I’m done.