Dear Joe,

I tried. I gave it everything I had. I lost all my friends. I don’t even know how to deal with being alone. I think we both knew this was coming. Your addicted to everything but me. I could feel you going deeper and deeper into yourself. I came home to sleep. And I woke up to work. I don’t like kissing you. Or telling you I love you. I don’t feel it anymore. And I think that’s what scared me. I finally realize I was just holding on. We were falling apart. You left me in this house alone. With $60 to my name. Rents due next week. You just had to tell me the truth. THE FUCKING TRUTH. And you couldn’t do it. You lied like to me like I’m stupid. I get it. I’m bipolar. I’ve been manic. And I’m pushing you away. But it hurts. This house is so big for one person. I want out. I want to cry. I want to die. I want nothing. I don’t want you. But I want the comfort. I’m done. Playing this game. I’ll prove to you. To everyone. You can’t knock me down.
Love ,
Your EX Fiancé

I’m Sorry.

I forgive to much. I know this. 6 years I’ve wasted. Been lied to. I’ve been hurt. I give him too many chances. But I love him so much. But how much will I keep letting him get away with. He lied. To my face. How do I know he lied? Because when you’ve been with someone for six years you know when they lie, when they are fucked up, when they are hiding.
I’m not stupid. And if you think I am it just proves how much I should not be in this situation. But here I am right back where I’ve started. No friends. Just Kage.







This is now my favorite post. Ever. 

never forget to wash the butt.


Keep away from fire especially when wearing

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Danny Galieote

I would frame and hang these in my house in a heartbeat.

these are awesome